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WInner's Circle Bingo

Each day Bingo players can earn a certificate for qualifying Bingo wins. Certificates are redeemable for a single game square to be used in the Winner’s Circle Bonus game held on Tuesday January 14, 2020.

Any Bingo win on a regular game will earn one certificate for the Winner’s Circle Bonus Game.  Certificates may be earned through the last game of regular session on Tuesday January 14, 2020.

The back side of each certificate shall contain a date stamp with the initials and employee number of the distributing team member.  Any certificate that does not contain team member initials and date stamp shall be considered invalid.

Each valid certificate earned may be redeemed on Tuesday January 14, 2020 for one game square for the Winner’s Circle Bonus Game.  Guests must purchase at a minimum one regular Bingo pack on the day of redemption in order to redeem their certificates.

The Winner’s Circle Bonus Game will consist of a $1,199 prize pool and will be played as a Blackout game at the end of Bingo for that day.